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Family Office Advising

Making Sure Your Family is Prepared to Take Over the Business

The Tools for Success

When working with family business and families of wealth, knowledge and creativity are key. Family office advising support and family business consulting from Telos Group can help you manage your complex internal needs. Our team is well-versed in Single and Multi Family Office advising, and Family Businesses consulting. 

Preparing Families for Successful Futures

Transparency and communication are vital for families that are navigating working together and managing wealth together. Our family office advising and family business consulting models are designed to help your family manage the complexities inside your family and promote better decision making. We offer tools and strategies for better communication and strategic planning so you can create better futures.

In addition to providing tools and models, Telos Group can support your family, family business, and family office by priming you for the inevitable complex dynamics that arise.  The intricacies inherent to working with family require a collaborative approach. We can be your partners in family office advising, family conflict management and family business consulting.

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