Our role in consulting is to offer our expertise, partner around your future vision and strategy and be your sounding board. There are times when we will be the catalyst you need to make deep changes, turn a difficult corner or create an environment where progress comes from stepping into difficult conversations.

Enterprising Families


  • Small, Mid-Size and Large, Multi-Generational Families

  • Business Owners and Operators

If you're part of a complex, enterprising or multi-generational family, we're aware of both the joys and challenges that such responsibility can bear.  Rest easy, you've come to the right place.  Our expert consultants have been working with families for years, helping them to surmount the toughest of challenges in areas such as family dynamics, ownership strategy and business performance.

Some of the ways we work with Enterprising Families includes the following:

  • Family Strategy, Retreats and Meetings

  • Family and Interpersonal Dynamics

  • Family Governance and Accountability Structures

  • Communication and Conflict Resolution

  • Ownership Strategy, Education and Policy Development

  • Generational Transitions

  • Family Councils and Foundations

In cases where an Enterprising Family client owns a business, we work with family and non-family executives in the following ways:

  • Business Strategy and Planning 

  • Governance and Board Development

  • Results and Performance Enhancement

  • Culture Development

  • Succession and Continuity Planning with the Next Generation

  • Management and Leadership Development

  • Exit Strategy

Single and Multi-Family Offices


  • Single and Multi-Family Offices

If you're part of a single or multi-family office and looking to expand the portfolio of services you offer your families, we can help.  Our unique and complementary skills make us your ideal advising partner.  We've developed essential program partnerships that will enable you to create more value for your clients. 

Some of the ways we work with Single and Multi-Family Offices include the following:

  • Working Alongside Relationship Managers to Assist with Family Client Advising

  • Customized and Specialized Programs and Partnerships

  • ​Development and Delivery of Custom Education and Consulting

  • Designing Strategy and Providing Services for Firm Clientele

Professional Service Firms


  • Professional Advisors

  • Financial and Similar  Institutions

If you happen to be a professional advisor or you're part of a professional service firm and need to partner with a team of experts who can enhance how you work with enterprising families, then we need to talk.  We will help you deepen your relationships with your enterprising family clients.

Some of the ways we work with Professional Service Firms include the following:

  • Working Along Side Advisors To Assist with Their Clients

  • Customized and Specialized Programs and Partnerships

  • ​Development and Delivery of Custom Education and Training

  • Designing Strategy and Providing Services for Firm Clientele

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