We're so glad you found us!  We understand the unique challenges in orchestrating smooth transitions with multi-generational families.  You need to be able to surround yourself with a team that can help you navigate the obstacles that lie ahead.  This is at the heart of the Telos partnership.

How We Work

The Telos approach is strategic, holistic and relational. We do it differently. We listen first, build trust and rapport, then as a team we discuss and assess your unique needs, expectations and requirements.  We have developed an approach that delivers hands-on expertise and guidance along with leading edge education, because we want you to expand your expertise and build capacity to weather any storm.


If you are a multi-generational family who realizes it's a complex and daunting task to build a family enterprise that lasts, then Telos is the team you want by your side.  We help with the heavy lifting and clearing a path so you can realize your family enterprise vision.

The Telos Team

Mike McGrann, MA, MBA, CEPA

Partner & Senior Consultant

Mike has worked with family firms and family offices from across the world. He teaches and coaches in the areas of entrepreneurship, strategic planning, and family enterprising. He serves on the Board of several growing companies and is the founding partner of The TELOS Group, a consulting firm focused on growth and transition strategies for enterprising families.

Mike has worked at several universities—teaching, conducting research, and starting new programs. Most recently he founded the Initiative for Family Business and Entrepreneurship at Saint Joseph’s University in Philadelphia, PA.

Mike is a seasoned speaker and teacher on all aspects of family enterprise. He blends stories, knowledge and experience in a way that engages and holds the attention of their audience. Sometimes challenging but always entertaining, topics are tailored to each groups needs and supported by content that ignites further discussion.

Mike grew up in Colorado and now lives outside Philadelphia.  He has two sons in college, three dogs and a hermit crab named Squishy. He loves skiing, hiking, and just about any other outdoor activity.  

“We moved from the intuitive to the intentional.”

Enterprising Family with $2B Diversified Holding Company


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The Telos Group is a global consultancy that provides private, hands-on expertise and guidance for multi-generational family enterprises.

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