We're so glad you found us!  We understand the unique challenges in orchestrating smooth transitions with multi-generational families.  You need to be able to surround yourself with a team that can help you navigate the obstacles that lie ahead.  This is at the heart of the Telos partnership.

Our Story

At the Telos Group, our name is our mission. As for Aristotle, who philosophized the telos as a greater purpose, our telos is to comprehensively uplift enterprising families and help them achieve their own ultimate goals. From families, operating businesses, and their assets, to the diverse professional advisors that serve them, our ultimate aim is to build up the family enterprise space from every angle.

Judi Cunningham and Mike McGrann joined forces to create a one-stop resource for enterprising families, family offices, and professional advisory firms. The Telos Group is the outcome of their vision. Our consultants and educators comprise a strategic team, whose varied professional backgrounds work together to provide you with the most incisive guidance. 

United by our telos, we are dedicated to yours. 


The Telos Team



Judith Cunningham

Judi founded the Telos Group with Mike McGrann in 2019. She is passionate about family and business and has dedicated her career to helping family enterprises thrive. With a holistic view of the needs of family enterprises, Judi facilitates alignment and decision-making processes with strategic thinking and adept facilitation. With a Masters degree in Family Systems Counselling and over 20 years consulting with complex family enterprises, family offices and professional advisors, Judi is a creative & deep thinker. She started the Business Families Center at the University of British Columbia and launched the Family Enterprise Advisor (FEA) program and designation. She is a Certified Exit Planning Advisor (CEPA) and on the Advisory Board for the Purposeful Planning Institute (PPI).


Judi loves adventure and visiting new places. Born in Montreal, Canada and then growing up in Vancouver, B.C., Judi calls Toronto, Ontario home.


Designations: MA, FEA, CEPA

Email: jcunningham@telosgroup.com


Mike McGrann


Mike founded the Telos Group with Judi Cunningham in 2019. Having worked with family firms and family offices from across the world, he teaches and coaches in the areas of entrepreneurship, strategic planning, and family enterprising. Mike serves on the Boards of several growing companies and has worked on a consultant focused on growth and transition strategies for enterprising families for decades. He is also a researcher, educator, and curriculum developer, with teaching experience at several universities. Most recently he founded the Initiative for Family Business and Entrepreneurship at Saint Joseph’s University in Philadelphia, PA. A seasoned speaker and teacher on all aspects of family enterprise, he blends stories, knowledge, and experience in a way that captivates audiences. 


Mike grew up in Colorado and now lives outside Philadelphia. He has two sons in college, three dogs, and a hermit crab named Squishy. He loves skiing, hiking, and just about any other outdoor activity. 


Designations: MA, MBA, FEA, CEPA

Email : mmcgrann@telosgroup.com


Vincent Valeri


Growing up in a multinational family enterprise, Vincent has firsthand experience of the benefits, challenges, and dynamics families face when working and managing wealth together. A Family Enterprise Advisor (FEA) and certified Family Legacy and Executive Leadership Coach, Vincent works closely with families and their advisors to foster alignment and create clarity. With a Master of Management degree, Vincent has worked as a management/ marketing consultant for some of North America’s largest companies and spent five years at one of Canada’s largest banks working in wealth management and generational wealth transfer in family enterprises. He is also recognized as a passionate and engaging speaker on the topics of wealth and business transition, behavioural risk in the family enterprise, and family legacy. 


Vincent is a proud father to his two young boys, and has become a keen proponent of muay thai. He lives in Hamilton, Ontario, with his wife and kids. 

Designations: BA, MBM, FEA, CEPA

Email : vvaleri@telosgroup.com


Katherine Bright

Kathy has worked with family enterprises for nearly twenty years. As a consultant, educator and board director, she works with families to help them thrive across generations. In addition to supporting enterprising families, Kathy guides professional advisors to better understand the complex needs of family business clients. Her range includes hands-on experience with strategy and governance and she has served on numerous family business and public company boards. She has acted as the President and an Officer of the Board the Family Enterprise Xchange and Director of the Board of the Business Families Centre at UBC’s Sauder School of Business. Kathy offers insightful consulting perspectives, with interests in leadership, succession and continuity planning, strategy, risk management, governance structures, fiduciary responsibility, and the development and maintenance of positive relationships in family enterprises.


Kathy lives in Vancouver with her husband, two children and their puppy.

Designations: MBA

Email : kbright@telosgroup.com


Laura Barton

With over 20 years of family enterprise experience, Laura specializes in improving communication, strengthening team dynamics, and building relationships across family enterprise systems. By incorporating holistic wellness with her practice, Laura facilitates the personal & professional wellbeing & efficiency of those that she serves. Amongst the first licensed practitioners for Insights Learning and Development in Canada and a member of a think tank led by its founder, she has also spoken at various conferences and co-chaired the Executive Coach Summit (U.S. and Canada). Laura designs and implements peer advisory groups for a variety of organizations including the Sauder School of Business and the Young Adult Forum. She teaches on varied family enterprise-based topics, including: developing capacities; constructive conflict; leading change; managing stress; and generating trust. 


Laura lives in Michigan with her husband and commutes regularly to Canada to see her two grown daughters.


Designations: MA

Email : lbarton@telosgroup.com


Caitlin Cunningham

Caitlin is a writer, researcher, educator and consultant for the Telos Group. With a PhD in history from the University of London, Caitlin has worked inside the family enterprise space throughout her career. Her extensive educational experience is a key component to her commitment to the development of new perspectives and skill sets. She blends conceptual and practical areas of knowledge through her interest in family histories. Her facility with language has also enabled her to build case studies about families and has been instrumental to her ability to guide article and blog-writing on the key elements of the family enterprise world. Her research background gives her a strong foundation in interview skills, which she applies daily in her work with advisors and families as a member of the Telos Group team.

Caitlin loves travelling and has lived and studied in New Zealand, the United Kingdom and Canada. She currently lives in Vancouver, B.C.


Designations: MA, PhD

Email: ccunningham@telosgroup.com




Morgan Spears

Administrative Support

Morgan is a primary reason that everything runs smoothly at the Telos Group. Her Administration degree coupled with over ten years of experience in both administration and office management have made her an important and efficient asset to the entire Telos team. Morgan particularly loves the satisfaction of getting tasks completed. Her organizational skills and strong ability to follow through with administrative tasks ensures that the Telos consultants can focus their attention on the tasks most important to them. Her administrative and office management experiences include a school board, a national food retailer's head office in Nova Scotia, and an office manager in Saskatchewan. She joined the Telos team in 2020. 


Morgan now lives in Nova Scotia, where she grew up, with her husband and twin daughters. If she's not cooking, or baking bread, she can be found enjoying Cape Breton summer nights by the fire.


Email: admin@telosgroup.com

Molly Dudley

Administrative Support

Molly plays a central role in the daily operations of the Telos Group. Her education in business administration and her experience in human resources means that the needs of our team and our clients are met thoughtfully, promptly and efficiently.  

Originally from northern Minnesota Molly has lived and worked in five states over the last 20 years. One of the most rewarding roles for Molly was supporting military families during times of deployment. During this period, she provided resources and vital information that reassured and sustained these families while their Soldiers were overseas. This experience has strengthened Molly’s values and understanding of family and increased her capacity to adapt and process change.


When Molly’s husband retired from the United States Army, they moved back to his home in Pennsylvania with their three children. They now enjoy much overdue time with extended family and friends.

Email : mdudley@telosgroup.com


“We moved from the intuitive to the intentional.”

Enterprising Family with $2B Diversified Holding Company

Telos in the Community

Telos is active in the family enterprise community. Here are some of the recent and upcoming speaking engagements where you may see us.


  • Mar. 18/21 - EPI Atlanta Chapter, Kathy Bright

  • Mar. 19/21 - CEPA Masterclass, Mike McGrann

  •  Apr. 9/21 - Sunlife, Judi Cunningham

  • Apr. 22/21 - CEPA Masterclass, Mike McGrann

  • Apr. 20-22/21 - FEX: Canadian Family Enterprise Forum, Judi Cunningham & Mike McGrann

  • Apr. 22-23/21 - Kennesaw State University: Cox Family Enterprise Centre: Mini MBA for Family Enterprise Next Generation Leaders, Mike McGrann

  • Apr. 26/21 - Manulife, Judi Cunningham

  • May 10-11/21 - Family Enterprise Advisor Program: Continuity Planning Course, Judi Cunningham

  • May 17-19/21 - Family Enterprise Advisor Program: Multidisciplinary Advising, Judi Cunningham

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