Enduring family enterprises are not born, they’re made.  At Telos, we help families build enterprises where the next generation can thrive.    

We Can Help You Thrive

Through your time, commitment, knowledge and hard work, a strong foundation is built that empowers future generations. Our commitment at Telos is to help families like yours build enterprises where the next generation can thrive. 


What we know from experience is whether we start with family synergy, alignment of ownership or building resiliency in the business, it’s all connected. Stress on one part of the system will impact the whole and that’s something that Telos understands. 

Who We Serve


Enterprising Families

If you're part of a complex, enterprising or multi-generational family, we're aware of both the joys and challenges that such responsibility can bear.  Rest easy, you've come to the right place.  We can help you create synergy and alignment across your family and business.


Single and Multi-Family Offices

  If you're part of a single or multi-family office and looking to expand the portfolio of services you offer your families, we can help.  Our unique and complementary skills make us your ideal advising partner.  We've developed essential program partnerships that will enable you to create more value for your clients. 


Professional Service Firms

  If you happen to be a professional advisor or you're part of a professional service firm and need to partner with a team of experts who can enhance how you work with enterprising families, then we need to talk.  We will help you deepen your relationships with your enterprising family clients.

Our Expertise

Judi Cunningham
Managing Partner & Senior Consultant
Mike McGrann
Partner & Senior Consultant
Katherine Bright
Family Enterprise Advisor & Governance Expert
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“Telos has been a fantastic partner to us. They know the issues that face business owners when it comes to succession planning. We are looking forward to working together to further our value proposition.”

Enterprising Family with Global Operating Business

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The Telos Group is a global consultancy that provides private, hands-on expertise and guidance for multi-generational family enterprises.

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