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Transform complex family dynamics into your competitive advantage

Familiness is the key that makes the family form of enterprises the most successful and long-running in history. Driven by three core parts—the family, its individuals and their business, this resource creates a strong competitive advantage. If even one component is not strategically addressed, Familiness tends to create a constraint that weakens the overall health of the organization.

Frameworks for building legacies

Telos applies the concept of Familiness to all relationship-driven enterprises including family organizations and professional partnerships. We challenge the traditional wealth transference philosophy of simply passing assets from one generation to the next. Instead, we develop strong enterprising mindsets that help families grow wealth across generations.

Our six-dimensions model simultaneously addresses the family unit, its individuals and the entire business to build frameworks that leverage its unique Familiness advantage while deliberately resolving constraints. We explore the many layers of transgenerational entrepreneurship, uncovering opportunities to create new streams of social and economic wealth over time.

“Telos has been a fantastic partner to us. They know the issues that face business owners when it comes to succession. We are looking forward to working together this year to further our value proposition.”

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  • March 31st, 2017 - Prairie Family Business Association an outreach center of the Beacum School of Business at the University of South Dakota - Speaker for the 25th Anniversary Annual Conference